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Fabric Sourcing
We have been working with fabric suppliers for over 20 years now and have access to many fabrics from all over the world. We work with suppliers who excel in new fabric design but also have good quality production so that we can offer new designs with good quality at a competitive price t our customers. Most of our suppliers are in South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and China.

Having these relationships with the suppliers’ means that we can offer fabrics in big and small quantities and ask them for new developments too. Most fabric suppliers only sell what they produce, but most of our suppliers will develop new items and make them wearable on an everyday basis. Our London show room houses many swatches from many suppliers and is updated on a weekly basis. Here is a list of the types of fabrics we usually deal with and if you would like to see the range please ask and we could bring it to you or you could come to our showroom to go through them.

Supplier List

Fabric Categories